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Dismantled the broken one. It’s kind of like paraffin. Only the first layer of glass is drilled a little to the end. With wild expansion. I have been using for many years now. And in vain you minus. I tinted the car, dosed it with a syringe with a 20g rubber piston, the craters went sickly from silicone. Morozov is not afraid. If you drill to the second layer, then this drilling point will be noticeable.

No keyword

There is definitely no oil. That’s pretty much how it’s done. I rent for the winter, but they are stored there in the country. Useful piston stroke, and most importantly, 5 centimeters. If oil is used, then the expansion coefficient is small and it is necessary to attach another 2 meter pipe to such a cylinder as a reservoir. Then, with an awl-type tool, a chip is made that is not drilled. Homemade products can be seen here: There is definitely silicone. Although the rod is pulled out by a significant amount. There is no silicone on the plastic one. I don’t see any rust either. It starts to open at 17 degrees.

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