Yes, the watch itself looks good…

For the price it’s disappointing 🙁 Yes, the watch itself looks good, but the edging in the same style is missing. If it breaks (hasn’t broken yet), I’ll buy more. Why from a wardrobe, if there is a ready one? The aberrations start already from the center. Here is a review of, a set for five lenses is 2500 rubles, and the quality is slightly better than this set.

Ummm… There is also no clarity in other photographs, and the author himself writes at the end of the review that it is wide.

Well then. I watch the phase and twist the screws / bolts like this, it costs a penny. And it will be possible to stick on the panel. But separately attached to the dashboard look gypsy =\ I don’t know how / don’t want to solder the power supply circuit, so I took Lexman lamps into the Leroy (I looked at

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